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Why would you ever have some random clergy member marry you, when you could have a custom-written ceremony?! Jen is an ordained wedding officiant through the Universal Life Church. Her completely original ceremonies celebrate LOVE and the spirit of couples’ relationships, adding  warmth and humor to your wedding day. She finds authentic joy in bringing your love story to life! Contact her to start chattin’ about you and your partner’s dreams for your big day.


“Thank YOU so much for marrying us. It was such a beautiful ceremony. You did an AMAZING job and it was more than we could have ever asked for/expected.” -Becca C., bride (July 2017)

“The greatest decision my husband and I made in the planning of our wedding was having Jen officiate it. We wanted a personal, non-traditional ceremony that celebrated our love – and to say Jen knocked it out of the park was an understatement. Her ceremony perfectly captured the spirit of our relationship, incorporating our favorite quotes, poems and stories. The entire room laughed and cried. Our guests said it was the best, most memorable wedding ceremony they’d ever witnessed – and as for my husband and I, it was as perfect as we could have imagined…Get this lady to marry you.” -Jordyn T., bride  (December 2016)

“Thank you again for being our officiant. The ceremony was phenomenal, and you really captured our relationship. So many people complimented your work!” –Stephen G., groom (March 2017)

“Can we reserve you NOW for our son’s wedding?…He’s single.” -David, father of bride (December 2016)




Jen loves performing and speaking at schools. Drawing on her own experiences as a student at an independent high school, her undergraduate Education Studies coursework, and her years as a tutor to high school and middle school students, she has entertained audiences from grades 5-12. If your next all-school assembly, advisory meeting, or homeroom gathering needs a comedy act, Jen will give a presentation tailored to your public or independent school’s needs, whether that’s stories of harrowing senior prom fiascoes, failed pre-calc tests, or good old-fashioned, poop jokes! Silly, appropriate, awkward, and funny, Jen would be delighted to visit your campus.


Kelley Nicholson-Flynn, Head of Upper School at Riverdale Country School (Bronx, NY):

Jen joined us for the end of a day we planned dedicated to examining mental health and wellness.  While it is hard to imagine a comedian as a culminating experience for such a heavy day, Jen absolutely hit the right tone.  She shared personal stories to both lighten the mood and emphasize the seriousness of our subject matter.  Her take home message was crystal clear and showed great empathy for our community members.  How she knew us so well in advance is remarkable, a true testament to her exquisite preparation.  I highly recommend Jen Keefe!

Thomas Olverson, Former Head of School at The Rivers School (Weston, MA):

With her self-deprecating humor Jen Keefe is the perfect antidote for adolescents who feel the pressure of grades, test scores and college admissions. In poking fun at herself, Jen asks teens to step back and laugh at themselves and life itself. The result is a loud and clear message: “It’s ok to be yourself, no matter how awkward and self-conscious you may be.” But the real bottom line is that she’s just plain funny!

Emily Schorr LesnickTheater Arts Teacher, Upper School Coordinator of Service-Learning, Upper School Diversity Coordinator at Riverdale Country School (Bronx, New York):

Jen is a master storyteller; she weaves her own personal mishaps and enlightenments to connect with audiences in all phases of life. Jen’s stories touch on issues of identity, self-esteem, relationships, mental health and family. Rather than approaching this topics with a serious approach, she does it with wit, humor and charm.

Kate Wade, English Department and Grade 10 Dean at The Rivers School (Weston, MA):

Ms. Keefe had us in stitches. Her jokes for our independent school audience grades 6-12 hit the mark. She brought to life through storytelling the beautiful awkwardness of adolescence and we can’t wait to book her for another assembly. 


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